News from Chikara

Chikara Pro

Just in case you haven’t heard Chikara Pro is back and they have some announcements they want to tell you about. So we are making sure we share them on here at Ring Time Pro Wrestling. Chikara is one of the most innovative promotions in wrestling today. Chikara is a family friendly organization that celebrates the fun side of professional wrestling.

Midnight Show

CHIKARA’s “Ashes” series just concluded on The Wrestling Is channel, and there’s something brand new ready for takeoff! Debuting this Friday on The Wrestling Is channel – “Ring Psychology” starring The Midnight Show’s Hal Rudnick (Community, CollegeHumor) & Stephen Hale (Californication, La Dentista) and written by one of TMS’ masterminds, Eric Moneypenny himself! From an original concept by Mike Quackenbush, and realized through the lens of director Will Reese (Funny or Die) comes the all-new web series “Ring Psychology”!

The first Friday of every month will feature “Ring Psychology,” and we are proud to present the first installment, “Turning Heel,” this Friday, February 7th!

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