The WWE Has a Top Tier Crybaby

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The WWE apparently has an angry superstar in its midst. No I am not talking about CM Punk. Somebody who wanted to not reveal their identity decided to write a letter to about how they feel. They want the fans to stop complaining and just watch the show. This is one of the most butt hurt things I have ever seen from a superstar. I thought we were the marks and they were working us. Why do you concern yourself with what the internet is talking about if you are a WWE superstar? Enjoy all the money you are making and not matter what we say you are still working on top.

– Here is what the performer who asked to remain anonymous, requested that to print this letter in their newsletter:

“Internet is so funny. You all read the sites so you all should know the ‘plans’ for Mania. None of those plans have Bryan in a title match so the internet exploding at the end of the show is beyond laughable. Plus dont hate on Rey, he didn’t book himself as #30. The way most of you were acting the company should have called an audible and put Brooklyn Brawler as #30 just to piss you off even more. over 50,000 mania tix sold and a network that will change your life for ever is about to launch, so just relax and enjoy the product the company gives you. By the way, didn’t you all shit on the wwe for the Sept – Nov ppvs last year and said you were done, but turned around to watch/buy the Rumble? Pittsburgh you were an awesome crowd and it was an honor to be in your building last night”

First of all the internet tends to speculate on story lines based on what they see. Batista won the Royal Rumble so logically he is going to main event Wrestlemania. If we are going to get swerved then let us think that The Animal is going to Mania that way it will have more impact. Most sites say they don’t know but like to say what they would do or try to figure out what will happen. Same way comic book fan sites tend to do or fans of different types of television programming.

Secondly no matter what he says the Royal Rumble match was a cluster fuck. Rey being 30 was not the problem. Please do not go to quoting numbers because I am sure that the buy rate for this year’s Royal Rumble will come in lower than the previous year. I am not going to get into how many people probably streamed the PPV illegally. Also the Network will be amazing and not because any of the current booking but the fact that we will be able access all of the old school content when we enjoyed wrestling. If you are a WWE guy on the main roster enjoy your spot and screw the internet. We appreciate your efforts in the ring and trying to entertain us but you may need to learn to deal with fans having opinions.

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