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New CM Punk

So for the fun let’s assume that CM Punk has left and is not coming back to the WWE anytime soon. Make no mistake I do think that he will return at some point but that time could be a year from now. What does a superstar wrestler without a company do? Punk is an interesting guy with a variety of interest and may not even want to deal with wrestling for a while. I am sure that he is financially secure and can afford the layoff time. So of course I thought of some things that Punk could do that would be interesting.

Logically I see CM Punk doing something outside of the world of sports entertainment. I think one of the reasons he would be walking away is a little bit of burn out. Not to mention he has been obviously hurting in recent months. That also is a reason why I don’t see him making a run at MMA anytime soon either. More logically I think that Punk will pursue some of his other interest. I expect more appearances on the Nerdist and even some shots at the acting world. Don’t be surprised if you see him do some work with Marvel Comics. Punk is a known comic book fan and could leverage his celebrity to do some interesting things.

If Punk were to wrestle outside of the WWE I don’t think TNA would be an option. I am not sure he was happy with his 1st run with the company. Also they can’t afford CM Punk by any stretch of the imagination. The only thing that would probably interest him is another run with Samoa Joe. I don’t see him going to Ring of Honor since the company has totally flipped over since he has left. Then again he may take on the challenge of trying to help that company step into the major leagues. I actually think Punk would be a good fit in Japan. A nice run in New Japan and headlining a Tokyo Dome show would epic. He wrestles a style that could definitely be appreciated and would work well in Japan.

No matter what happens with “The Best In The World” I am pretty sure he will be successful and I am can’t wait for him to get back on WWE programming. In the meantime I am excited to see what he does beyond that too.

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