Alleged Indie Shutout of WM31

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Every year during Wrestlemania week indie promotions from all of the country set up shop where the WWE is hosting their big event. It’s a good chance to set up some super independent cards and great chance for those performers to get to showcase their talent. The rumor that is floating out there is that the WWE is trying to put a stop to this. At least that is the word floating around on numerous websites. At Ring Time we try not to operate in hear say, but I felt like this needs some addressing.

Wrestlemania 31 will be in Santa Clara, CA and it is being reported that the WWE has locked down a non-compete clause with the city and many of the hotel chains in the area. I hope this is not true but if so that would be a total dick move by the WWE. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think this will stop the indie shows but just push them further outside the city but it will have an impact. I am not sure what the goal of the WWE is or maybe they feel like the small companies are leaching off their event.

One a personal note I am not a fan of the idea. I enjoyed all the events that surrounded Wrestlemania 27 and got see some guys in person that I had only perform on my computer. I was at a Dragon Gate show that I got to see 3 guys who are now under contract in the WWE and 1 guy in TNA. It was the first time I saw a guy named Brodie Lee who you now known as Luke Harper from the Wyatt family. That same show featured a match with Jon Moxely who is now Dean Ambrose of The Shield. I also think it’s a great opportunity for the WWE to get up and close on some future talent. Either way I hope there is a better solution that will arrive before next year.

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