DVD Suggestion – Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin

Memphis Heat

A must see documentary for any wrestling historian is Memphis Heat. Available on Amazon Instant Streaming to rent or you can purchase the physical copy but this is definitely can’t miss. The Memphis territory is one of the most popular and legendary of the old wrestling territories. This film was released in 2011 and has a lot of archival footage from a great era in wrestling.

Memphis heat 2

Directed by Chad Schaffler the movie features interviews with legends such as Jackie Fargo, Jerry Jarrett and Ron Hall. The Memphis area is loaded with history and culture and this documentary shows how those factors influenced their wrestling. We get to follow the timeline on when the promotion started and follow it all the way until it ends. One of the last territories to fall after the WWF expansion that took place in the 1980s.

The chance to look at the career of Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler and learn about his influences and rivalries makes this DVD worth the price of admission. His feuds with Bill Dundee, Terry Funk and Andy Kaufman are given special light. The film also gives a look at another Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart. “The Mouth of The South” got his start in Memphis long before he thrilled crowds in the WWF and WCW. The trip down to Tennessee and learning the inner workings is something great to see.

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