The WWE Network Is Here

WWE Network

The WWE stopped the world for a second to announce that the WWE Network is now a reality. It will not be like your traditional channels where you have to add it to your cable package. Now this may seem like a commercial for the network but if you like wrestling I don’t see how you cannot try to get in on this. It will be available across multiple platforms so download it to your tablet, smartphone and gaming system and have at it.

Legends House

The network is a 24/7 linear network that will be showing original programming. The highlight will be the new series Legends House. On top of that there is an on-demand service that allows a customer to view any WWE, WCW and ECW pay per view ever. You also have access to the entire home video library. Just when you think that they are done for the low price of 9.99 this pretty much would be worth. The deal that puts it over the top is that for that low price you get to see all 12 pay per views, including Wrestlemania for no additional cost.

WWE Network

The WWE has partnered with Major League Baseball to bring to us what is known as an Over The Top Network. The WWE Network officially goes live on February 24th, 2014. Most wrestling fans will be counting down until then. I know here at Ring Time Pro Wrestling will be anticipating this incredible event.

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