DVD Suggestion – WWE: Triple H – Thy Kingdom Come

Triple H Thy Kingdom Come

The DVD that is a must have for any wrestling fan is Triple H biography “Thy Kingdom Come”. It is the follow up to the 2007 “King of Kings”. This video is more bio driven where King of Kings was more of a list of matches with a little commentary. This one of the better produced wrestling documentaries that I have seen.

We get a detailed look at how the man we know as The Game rises to the top. We get to see footage of his early matches in the independents and the move to WCW. The film is loaded with very good interviews from some of the best people in sports entertainment. Each person in the picture takes fans through Triple H’s career development. Names like Terry Taylor, William Regal, DDP and The Big Show give us a look how he developed in WCW.

The WWE portion of the video is of course the most detailed. We get to see Hunter hook up with the Kliq and his moves all the way up the roster. His breaking out from mid card to main event performer is seen. One of my favorite parts of the bio is the details of his rivalry with The Rock. Their matches for the IC title while they were both leaders of factions and their both fighting to be world champion and leader of the company. Interviews from guys like Batista, The Undertaker and The Rock really take us back in time. We also get to see how the romance between him and Stephanie McMahon developed and how he transitions into being part of the family that runs the show. All in all this is a good watch for any WWE fan or fan of pro wrestling.

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