WWE 2014 Potential Hall of Fame

WWE Hall of Fame

Now that we are coming up on Wrestlemania it’s to start considering who is going into the Hall of Fame that weekend. There is a usually a local tie in with the Hall of Fame class. The big event is being held in New Orleans this spring so I wouldn’t be surprised if a Mid-South Legend will be in the mix for this year’s class. We here at Ring Time Pro Wrestling love to speculate who could or we think should be inducted this year.


The Freebirds


This one is deep to me because I felt like it should have already happened. Now it didn’t happen in Texas and it did not happen in Atlanta the home of Bad Street but maybe we can make it happen in the Big Easy. The Fabulous Freebirds are one of the most innovative groups in the history of professional wrestling. They have torn it up in World Class, NWA/WCW and in Mid-South. Led by Michael Hayes they were one of the most creative groups in the business. They are actually the originators of the Rock N Roll entrance. Never afraid to be hated the Freebirds were one of the 1st factions that the industry had seen. They created the Freebird Rule for tag teams that comprise of more than 2 members. It’s time to take this to the Hall of Fame.


DX reunion

While we are on groundbreaking groups let’s not forget about DX. This group was one of the key elements that pushed the WWF ahead during the Monday Night Wars. Now of course when we talk about inducting the group I am talking all incarnations of DX. The original with Shawn Michaels and Triple H and the second group with The Outlaws and X-Pac all were important to the legacy of the faction. For all of you who are asking am I leaving Chyna out? No but for certain image reasons I am sure the WWE would leave her off.


Jim Cornette and The Midnight Express

Jim Cornette and Midnight

When I first thought of Jim Cornette’s name I was thinking about him by himself. Then I asked myself how could you leave out the Midnight Express? You just can’t have one without the other. Name the promotion in the 1980’s and these guys were there setting it on fire. They were so hot in their feud with the Rock N Roll Express that they could even main event big shows. Jim’s life time contribution to the business is amazing. Working as a manager on camera and working behind the scenes in almost every organization. He was a big part of developing the careers of a young John Cena, Batista and Randy Orton when he was running OVW.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Jake roberts

There are very few men who have been as creative as Jake Roberts in the business of professional wrestling. He started his career in Louisiana and one the first places he made his name was in the Mid-South territory. One of the members of the Leigon of Doom with King Kong Bundy and the Road Warriors, Jake has always been where the action was. Star of the 1980s and 90s he was one wrestling darker personalities and better promo guys. His in ring psychology was second to none. The inventor of the DDT should definitely have a space in the Hall of Fame.

Randy Savage

Randy Savage

You this is the second year that I have said that Randy Savage should be in the Hall of Fame. I know I have been asking for it for the last 8 years. Every wrestling blog, magazine, podcast and TV show has brought this up and the WWE still sleeps. I am not sure if this is Vince McMahon trolling the internet or maybe somebody could not get a deal made with the family. Either way this needs to happen. I almost don’t even have to give Savage a resume the wrestling fans know it all. Possibly the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time and help create the standard for the belt. He is a multiple time world champ in WCW and WWF and one half of the Mega Powers. He was one of the backbones the 1980s WWF becoming the worldwide fixture that it is today.

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