Daniel Bryan in The Wyatts

Wyatts and Bryan

So if you missed last Monday’s RAW and other WWE programming then you may not be aware that Daniel Bryan has joined the Wyatt Family. After weeks of torment and beating on Daniel they have officially worn him down. Since he could not beat them then he joined them. So now where do we go?

I guess the WWE is in no rush to get Daniel back into the mix for World Championship. So now how do we make the company’s biggest face turn heel? Also what is his role within the Wyatt Family? He was a main event player on his own but now he can’t be the man out front. How will this affect the Royal Rumble match?

I am not sure if this a comfortable place to stash Daniel on the card while guys like Batista and Brock are making their return. Instead of putting him in program with these men or just in the title mix let’s make him a member of this stable. Don’t get me wrong there are major possibilities with this angle but I just don’t think that the powers that be will explore them. Could he help drive the Wyatt Family to becoming faces with a dark edge to them? Yes of course because the fan base just wants to cheer for Daniel Bryan and always has. The problem he presents that maybe he has become too big for the way the WWE wants to use him.

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