2013 Ring Time Wrap Up

The Shield

The world of professional wrestling can go through a lot of changes in one year. This past year has been an exciting one in sports entertainment. In 2013 we saw some awesome matches and made a little history in the process. So here is a rundown of some of the moments that we thought stood out in 2013. Some were good and some were bad but they all made an impact.

Darren Young Coming Out

Darren Young

In the most macho of sports the perception is that it is a homophobic environment. Darren Young challenged the idea of being openly gay could harm your career in sports entertainment. This year he came out as the first openly gay active member of the WWE roster. Now some of you may bring up names that we have heard in the past that were thought to be gay or bisexual but no one ever stood on record while being on the active roster. Now there may have been some detractors but overall the wrestling community was very supportive. I appreciate the WWE also for not trying to use the moment for their gain. The moment got massive media attention and hopefully showed other sports that maybe they should provide a safe place for their athletes to be who they are.

The Success of Total Divas

Total Divas

The show Total Divas may actually be a bigger success then the WWE even anticipated. The show created a 166% ratings increase over the program that held that slot on the E Network. The lives of wrestlers appear to be interesting to even non-wrestling fans. The following only can bring more eyes to the business and allow people to see there some real life beyond the ring.

TNA Totally Flips Over

TNA Logo

From the start to the end of 2013 TNA has made some wholesale changes. It is safe to say that we are dealing with a totally different wrestling company then what we have had. The Hulk Hogan experiment that started in 2010 has ended. Jeff Jarrett the founder of TNA is no longer working for the organization. To top it off, one of the cornerstones of the brand is no longer apart of TNA. AJ Styles is out and working with Ring of Honor after being there from start. The company has decided to scale back on pay per views and not traveling as much and putting live Impact shows across the country. There have been a lot of releases or wrestlers who have not resigned with the company. There was even speculation that Impact Wrestling was up for sale by Panda Energy. It is needless to say that 2013 was a year of change for the wrestling show on Spike TV.

Goldust Returns


If there is a wrestling comeback player of the year it would hands down be Goldust. Dusty Rhodes oldest son has come back to full time schedule in the WWE and looks better than ever. A man who made his debut in 1990 has returned to be one of best workers in the WWE. His reunion with his father and brother provided the greatest moment of the Battleground PPV.

JR Says Goodbye

Jim ross 2

The WWE will no longer be graced with the presence of good old Jim Ross. The Hall of Fame broadcaster announced that he is done for good in the WWE. JR had been semi-retired for some time now but always came back to help out at special events. There was wide speculation to what led to his permanent departure but one thing is clear a legend will be missed.

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