Brock is Back

Brock Back

The websites got it right last night. Brock Lesnar did return to the WWE on last night’s RAW. This is great news since earlier reports had him coming back after Royal Rumble. Hopefully we get to see the Beast in the Rumble match. With Batista also returning soon this appears to a loaded Wrestlemania season already. Speaking of Dave maybe will get to see The Animal vs The Beast match. Right now it appears that Brock will have some immediate issues with Mark Henry but after that it seems kind of wide open.

Last night Paul Heyman made it clear that Brock was interested in becoming the next World Champion and wants to face the Cena versus Orton winner. Now of course the WWE could go easy and set up Brock and Cena match-up but how fun would that be. I would like to see a in the next few weeks a panicked Randy Orton worrying about the possibility of facing Lesnar and that causing tension with The Authority. That most likely will not happen because they would have to turn somebody face and they need them both as heels. More than likely Brock will not get that title match and something that happens at Royal Rumble will dictate his Wrestlemania opponent.

Possible opponents could Batista, The Undertaker and Big Show right off the top of my head. I wouldn’t leave CM Punk out of the mix either. Maybe they finish their feud which easily had them as match of the year candidate for 2013. Needless to say this is going to fun to watch.

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