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Jeff Hardy Leaving

Just when you thought TNA was stable it maybe going through a few more changes. It appears that AJ Styles actually be gone from TNA. He is advertised for a January 4th show at Ring of Honor and there is rumor that he drops the belt to Magnus on a show to air January 9th on Spike TV. Combine that with the promo that Jeff Hardy cut on last week’s Impact show it appears that some major changes are abound in TNA.

Now of course I fully acknowledge that all of this could be a work and AJ and Jeff could be returning to take down the Dixie regime. I don’t really see Jeff Hardy jumping to the WWE due to their travel schedule. Not to mention I am pretty sure he has a no compete clause in his deal that would keep him out of all the fun stuff happening in the WWE the next few months. That would also go the same for Sting and Kurt Angle whom both are rumored to have uncertain futures with Impact Wrestling.

TNA Gunner

If all of the rumors floating around are true it could a positive thing for TNA. They would be forced to utilize the fresher faces on the roster. Magnus being the new champ and Gunner winning the championship briefcase are all steps in the right direction. New players like Ethan Carter could become interesting pieces in building the new Impact roster. There still some very solid veterans like Austin Aries and Samoa Joe who never really got their run who could also help carry the company to the next level. Right now we just have to sit back and let it all play out.

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