Batista is Returning

Batista Returns

The internet wrestling community no longer has to speculate. “The Animal” Batista is officially returning to the WWE. Dave Batista hasn’t been on WWE television since his 2010 departure. He has since worked on different film projects and even had his 1st MMA fight in 2012. A while back we at Ring Time Pro Wrestling declared him as one of our top free agents and here he is.

The official return date is set for January 20th which is the RAW before Royal Rumble. So I am fully expecting Batista to participate in the Royal Rumble match. It is currently unknown how long he will stay but smart money says that he will be around through Wrestlemania season. Assuming he will take a route like The Rock to make sure he is around to promote his upcoming movie.

HHH Batista and Orton

Batista comes back at a very interesting time in the company. I am sure that Dave has his sights on returning to the main event. His complicated past relationships will make this return very interesting. Triple H is now running the show. Randy Orton is World Heavyweight Champion and he and Batista have not always been on the best of terms. Dave has long outgrown his spot as the enforcer. He is a player and wants to be in the mix. When we last saw The Animal in the company he was feuding with John Cena and I am pretty sure those wounds are still fresh also. We can’t wait to see where this will go.

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