The WWE Next Chapter

Randy Orton Unified

I have to give to Triple H; he did say that after TLC we would have only one true champion. Now that we have that one man at the top how will the landscape change? It needs to get back to the way wrestling used to be. RAW and Smackdown will just be two shows and not try to run as separate entities. There should be some other changes made within the WWE now to make things a little more competitive.

Money In The Bank Back at Wrestlemania


Since we only have one champion the company needs to move the Money in the Bank match back to Wrestlemania. Change the name of the PPV and just hand out one briefcase per year. A guaranteed shot at the belt should be a special thing and someone winning that opportunity at Wrestlemania will go a long way.

US and IC Titles

IC Title

It’s time to elevate the status of the two mid card champions. The United States and Intercontinental titles will both still be around and will have more main event level challengers for those titles. Actually I think they should use the Intercontinental belt the same way TNA uses the X-Division title where it can be cashed in by the title holder. The likes of John Cena, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk wanting to actually hold these titles will be similar to 1980s WCW. Dusty Rhodes, Sting and Lex Luger never passed up an opportunity to US or TV champion but all the while they had their sights on getting the World title from Flair.

While we are talking mid-card belts, no more non-title defenses on television. If the US or IC champ is wrestling in a singles match then the belt is up for grabs. Also let’s establish some rankings that will be updated weekly on the WWE website. No more wrestling the champion to get a title shot. You must challenge the top contender to move up the ladder. We need to put some more sport back into sports entertainment.

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