WWE TLC Preview 2013


The WWE will be putting on its annual TLC PPV event this weekend. In 2009 the show replaced Armageddon. The concept is of course Tables, Ladders and Chairs from the legendary matches of the same title. This year’s event is a little different because the stakes are kind of high and may change the company for a long time going forward. We are Ring Time Pro Wrestling will give a breakdown of what we think will happen.

Pre-Show Match – Dolph Ziggler vs Fandango

dolph vs fandago

Dolph taking on Fandango will be a pretty good match. Despite no real feud existing between the two competitors I expect them both to have a solid showing. You have to be wondering why either one of these guys are not on the main card for this event. Expect a back and forth match with a few high spots. Prediction: Fandango Wins with a quick roll up. Expect help from Summer Rae

Diva’s Championship –AJ Lee (Champ) vs Natalya

AJ vs Natty

The Divas title match will feature Natalya and AJ Lee. AJ continues her crusade to show she is the dominant diva in the division. Also she gets another Total Diva in the ring. Natty has been waiting for a shot like this her entire career and will be ready for AJ. Expect Tamina to make her presence felt in the match. Prediction: AJ Lee will retain her title.

Intercontinental Championship –Big E Langston (Champ) vs Damien Sandow

Big E vs Sandow

The Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston will defend his belt against Damien Sandow. Sandow is trying to make his way back up since losing his Money in the Bank cash in. Damien will be crafty but he will not overcome the power of Langston. Prediction: Langston wins by pinfall

Daniel Bryan vs The Wyatt Family

Wyatts vs Bryan

This match will be a handicapped match. All three members of the Wyatt Family will take on Daniel Bryan. Hopefully the set-up will require the Wyatts to tag in and out. Not sure what to expect from this match. Basically CM Punk has been removed from this feud and now Bryan must handle this bearded group alone. Now Daniel has a pretty nice beard of his own but that may not be enough to take on three men. Prediction: Wyatt Family wins, it won’t be easy though.

CM Punk vs The Shield

Punk vs Shield

In the other three on one handicapped match on the card we will see CM Punk take on The Shield. (Not sure who thought two of these matches in the same night was a good idea.) The Shield has been showing a little tension within the camp. That little bit of a distraction will allow someone as skilled as Punk to take advantage. Prediction: The Shield will win because 3 has to beat 1.

Tag Team Title Match – Rhodes Brothers (Champs) vs Big Show and Rey Mysterio vs The Real Americans vs Ryback and Curtis Axel

Fatal 4 Way

In a Fatal Four way for the tag team titles the Rhodes Brothers will have to ward off the The Real Americans, Rey Mysterio and Big Show, and Curtis Axel with Ryback. This will be no small order. Because all the teams will have to try to stop each other expect a lot of organized chaos. We will probably get the treat of Ryback showing his strength against a monster like the Big Show. Prediction: The Cody and Goldust will keep their titles in a chaotic match up

WWE and World Heavyweight Title Unification Match – John Cena vs Randy Orton

Cena Orton Title

This is the match that is supposed to sell the PPV. A match that is this big actually should only take place at Wrestlemania. Enough ranting let’s get to the match. There will be 30 minutes of solid brutality. Expect Orton to take some shots at the surgically repaired arm of Cena. Cena will make a strong babyface comeback. The Authority will be present but it remains to be seen if they actually get involved. Prediction: There is no unified Champion as Triple H promised. Both men will grab a belt and we will be back where we started. More than likely they will switch belts.

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