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Starrcade 87

They don’t make wrestling PPV’s like they used to. Every match on the card used to mean something. Not sure if it was because there was more talent back then or the promotions were just better at booking. We at Ring Time Pro Wrestling have decided to share some of our favorites with you. Through the magic that is YouTube we are able to share where you can watch some of these classics.

The first event we decided to share is the unappreciated gem known as Starrcade 1987 “Chi-Town Heat”. This is the last Starrcade that was held over the Thanksgiving holiday. After the WWF created Survivor Series to compete directly with Starrcade and caused a rift with cable providers by threatening to not give them Wrestlemania if they ran Starrcade. Chi-Town Heat was the first time Jim Crockett Promotions and the NWA had ever done a PPV. Their previous events had been on closed circuit television.

This event is also special because it is the first time that we see UWF wrestlers at a big JCP event. Crockett had recently purchased the UWF from Bill Watts and he integrated those stars to help create this mega-card. That purchase is what led to a young superstar named Sting becoming a part of JCP and later WCW. So we have the card laid out for you to see and the video so you can watch it and enjoy some classic wrestling.

Sting and The Freebirds (Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin/w Precious) vs Eddie Gilbert, Rick Steiner and Larry Zbyszko w/ Babydoll

Steve Williams (Champ) vs Barry Windham – UWF Heavyweight Title Match

The Rock N Roll Express vs The Midnight Express w Jim Cornette and Bubba Rogers – Skywalkers Match

Nikita Koloff vs Terry Taylor w Eddie Gilbert – UWF and NWA TV Title Unification match

Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard w J.J Dillion (Champs) vs The Road Warriors w/ Paul Ellering – NWA World Tag Team Championship

Dusty Rhodes vs Lex Luger w J.J Dillion (Champ) – United States Heavyweight Championship

Ric Flair w J.J Dillion (Champ) vs Ron Garvin – NWA World Heavyweight Championship

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