The Wolves in NXT

American Wolves NXT

Just in case you are not up on the Independent wrestling scene, the American Wolves have been one of the best tag teams in the world over the past few years. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards are actually two very awesome individual wrestlers in their own rights. It appears that they may be giving the WWE a shot. With their recent appearance at NXT on November 21st and Richards official announcement that he is done with ROH it appears these young men are headed for the bright lights of the big company up north.

The former Ring of Honor World Champion Richards posted the following on Facebook:
“With a heavy heart I can announce I announce that myself and ROH have parted ways for good and I will not be at Final Battle. Please continue to support them and the incredible talent they have. Thanks for the memories. It was an amazing ride.”

Wolves NXT

As of right now the team is not officially signed to the WWE and is working in short spots. Of course they did not get to keep their original names as they are not the Wolves anymore but the Pitbulls. Richards is now John Cahill and Edwards is going by Eric Philbin. We at Ring Time will keep an eye on this one and hope to see both of these guys on the main roster soon.

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