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Andre Survivor Series

The WWE is gearing up for its annual Survivor Series pay per view. It is the companies 2nd oldest PPV franchise only being behind Wrestlemania. Started in 1987 as Thanksgiving tradition, the event has provided many memorable moments in wrestling history. We here at Ring Time Pro Wrestling are a little partial to the traditional Survivor Series matches and have compiled a list of our favorites.

Team DX vs Team RKO – Survivor Series 2006

In 2006 the team of DX took on team RKO in a traditional Survivor Series match. The DX team was led by Shawn Michaels and Triple H, featuring The Hardy Boyz and a young CM Punk. They took on Edge, Randy Orton, Johnny Nitro, Mike Knox and Gregory Helms. They also had Melina and Kelly accompanying them to ring side. The match had one of the most interesting finishes I can remember for a Survivor Series match.

Team Hulk Hogan VS Team Andre The Giant – Survivor Series 1987

There can only be one main event of the 1st ever Survivor Series. There could have been no better captains to lead their teams into the finale if the original Thanksgiving classic. Hulk Hogan led a team that consisted of Paul Orndorff, strongman Ken Patera, Don Muraco and Bam Bam Bigelow. They faced Andre the Giant’s team of Rick Rude, One Man Gang, King Kong Bundy and Butch Reed. This all-star main event also featured managers Bobby Heenan, Slick and Oliver Humperdink. This one ended with one man standing tall.

The 10 Team Tag Elimination Match from 1987

Also from the debut of Survivor Series, we found the biggest tag match in WWE history. We are talking 10 tag teams, 20 men total all in the same match. This was the special tag team match where if you were eliminated then so was your tag team partner. If you can think of great WWF 1980s tag team they were probably in this match. We Demolition, The Hart Foundation, The British Bulldogs and Killer Bees all be a part of this extra large match.

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