Legendary – Movie Review

Legendary  Movie

Director: Mel Damski
Writer: John Posey
Starring: John Cena, Patricia Clarkson, Danny Glover, Devon Gray, Tyler Posey, John Posey, Kareem J. Grimes

The WWE studios 2010 feature Legendary is their third film starring superstar John Cena. The movie centers on Cal Chetley who is played by Devon Gray. Cal is a high school kid who is more into books than athletics but that all changes when he decides to join the school wrestling team. Trying to explore a new sport for most kids is normal but this a very complicated issue in Cal’s family.

Cal lives with his widowed mother Sharon who is not excited about her son wrestling. Her late husband was a local wrestling champion who died in car crash going to see Cal’s now estranged older brother Mike(John Cena) wrestle. The tragedy had broken the family up for some time and caused the family to not see Mike much at all. His life also began to fall apart after that moment in time. Cal decides to enlist his distant brother to help him learn how to wrestle. Mike is reluctant at first but decides to help his younger brother and they build a bond through the family’s favorite sport.

The movie overall is a solid piece about a family that is trying to put itself back together. There are not a lot of surprises in the movie but still a nice feel good tale. The film actually lets John Cena stretch his muscles as an actor. His first two movies with the WWE were more about his action skills. In Legendary, he effortlessly plays a troubled man who doesn’t have all the answers. The film also features Danny Glover in a small role, as a wise old man that Cal meets while fishing and just seems to be around at the right time.

The centerpiece of the movie is Cal because he is the link between all of the characters. He introduces us to his friend Lulu who later becomes the object his affection. He is the link between Mike and his over protective mother Sharon who is played by Patricia Clarkson. Not only is he trying to repair his family but he also is finding himself. This is a story that you definitely do not have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy. The film does a decent job when presenting high school wrestling. Not a must see but if it comes on television you don’t have to rush to change the channel.

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