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If you are not into wrestling rumors, then you may not be aware that there is speculation that TNA could be for sale. As broken by Dave Meltzer and then reported by almost every website in the game. It was even discussed by us, on the most recent Ring Time show. Now the reports have dismissed as of late due to a memo put out by Janice Carter (Dixie’s mom) and here is a sample of the letter.


October 31, 2013


Dear Staff,


As we embark on our “Where Action Never Ends” 365 initiative, I wanted to take this time to thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm to your company’s renewed creative direction. I feel confident that, together, we are marching towards something great – a revolutionary way to experience professional wrestling.


With this said, I am aware of the false rumors currently circulating that The Carter Family and Panda Energy is attempting to sell their ownership stakes in TNA Wrestling. An unfortunate aspect of this business is that there are wrestling “reporters” who consistently post “news stories” without proper facts. I want to assure you that these are just rumors and I am committed to TNA and its future.


While I typically find that responding to such rumors is a waste of time, I wanted to use this as a moment to express my support and delight for the creative direction we are moving in. Our work has just begun and I look forward to a long and rewarding future with you and TNA.


Warm Regards,
Janice Carter
Chairman of the Board

Is it possible that the Carter family is fully committed to TNA and the losses that the company has taken are over exaggerated? Yes or it could that they are just trying to keep all the wheels on until the sale is final. I am pretty sure that Dave Meltzer has solid sources. He is one of not the top journalists in professional wrestling. It was at least leaked to him to see if there was any interest. I am under the impression that where there is smoke there is fire and we have not the heard the last of this.

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Keith B. Holt
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