Progression Pro Wrestling Tag Team Grand Prix

Progression Pro Wrestling

With a renewed commitment to Independent Wrestling, the staff here at Ring Time Pro Wrestling has been looking for some of the better promotions around the state of Georgia. I drew the task of attending the Progression Pro Wrestling 1st Annual Tag Team Grand Prix. They are a new promotion in Georgia and seem to ready to excite.

Big FN DealKOA vs Bullets

The crowd was into the action that was fast paced and entertaining. I was familiar with a couple of the teams like the Washington Bullets and Big F’n Deal. It was good to get familiar with teams I haven’t seen before like King of The Armory and Hot Commodity. I thought the favorites would be either the Bullets or Big F’n Deal because of their experience of winning all over the state.

Hot Commod 2

The event featured 3 rounds of action to crown a champion of the tournament. There was also a special singles match that featured Atlanta area legend Shane Marx. Hot Commodity worked their way through 3 rounds and by hook or by crook they made their home with the trophy. The Ring Time Crew will definitely be out at future Progression events.
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Keith B. Holt
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