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Devon and Anderson

This week TNA removed the profiles of Mickie James and Ken Anderson from their website. To most people this signifies the official end of both competitors run in Impact Wrestling. So like Devon Dudley and Matt Morgan these two are looking for work in the wrestling world. Today I was proposed a question. Which free agent out there would have the most impact?

Mickie James

There were couple of a names came to mind of top level free agents that had some name recognition. Now in talking free agents I left out up and coming talent. This is strictly people who have had a shot at the big time and figuring out where they could fit in and help out in the wrestling business. Maybe giving ROH a shot in the arm and bring some more eyes to their product. Maybe someone the WWE could use and take to that next level.

The most high profile concern would be the WWE. Not sure if the WWE is interested in picking anybody up. Triple H has been very vocal that he is only focusing on the NXT talent that happen to working new multi-million dollar facility. There are only a few names that appear to be an option in this case. Mickie James could return and be an instant player in the Diva Division. A good rivalry with AJ as the original crazy girl would be interesting and bring some solid wrestling talent to that division.
With the current story line Batista would be a very interesting character to bring back into the WWE mix. How would he work in that twisted world of friendship with Randy Orton and Triple H. Not to mention the way the John Cena feud ended he could come in for a short run to really wreck shop.


One of the more interesting guys out there that has not been seen on WWE programming is MVP. A lot of fans have been dreaming of the day that he would come back. He can work either heel or face and has main event ability. As far as anyone knows the WWE or MVP have no hard feelings towards each other.
The other names out there do not seem like they would work in the WWE. John Morrison could come back but he would never escape the mid card. He doesn’t appear that he would be able to provide a push to ROH or TNA. Anderson doesn’t have a good relationship current WWE management and like Morrison he couldn’t provide any celebrity status to ROH. A lot of people are clamoring for Matt Morgan to come back to the WWE but the writers couldn’t find anything for him on his original run. Maybe that has changed and his size and ability to speak would be better utilized this time. The WWE may not struggle this time with the big man.

Let’s see what happens in wrestling world with a lot of talent floating around.
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