Happy Birthday WCW Monday Nitro

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On September 4th, in 1995 Eric Bischoff and Ted Turner flipped the wrestling world upside down. They decided to launch WCW Monday Night Nitro in direct opposition to WWE Monday Night RAW. RAW had the run of Monday nights for two years prior to this. Live from the Mall of American in Minnesota WCW fired the first shot in what would become the Monday Night Wars.

Ted Turner wanted to showcase his newly loaded roster that featured WCW mainstays like Sting and Ric Flair. The roster also boasted new acquired mega talents such as Mean Gene Okerland, Randy Savage and the Immortal Hulk Hogan. They were set to make a run at being the number one wrestling company in the world. This episode even featured a new defected Lex Luger who was just on a WWF pay per view the night before. This started a trend of talent jumping over from the WWF and made WCW destination television.

As they would battle over the weeks for ratings supremacy until WCW finally took a stronghold over the ratings and dominating the viewership for 84 straight weeks. Bring in Scott Hall and Kevin Nash and creating the NWO was a stroke of genius. It also gave the WWF a shot in the arm and forced them to think outside of the box creatively. This became known as the infamous Attitude Era. We at RingTime Pro Wrestling remember the glory days fondly of WCW.
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