The Big Show Saga

Big Show Sad

The only person who seems to be more affected by Triple H’s war path than Daniel Bryan is the Big Show. The giant appears to have been humbled and humiliated by the new version of the McMahon-Helmsley regime. Trying to protect his job Show has been forced to swallow his tongue and do what the McMahon’s tell him to do despite his opposition. Apparently that “Ironclad Contract” that he signed is not as solid as we all thought. At this point the seven footer is being pushed to his limits and something is about to give.


I am not sure when or what the payoff will be but I am sure it will be big. One thing I do know right now this some of the best work I have ever seen from the Big Show. He does something very well that I believe is underrated and that is play a vulnerable giant. I cannot dismiss the work of Stephanie McMahon who helps emotionally break down the big man like no one else. This story really has the WWE Universe drawn in.

Big Show knockout

I am not sure how this is going to end but I am sure somebody is going to get knocked out. Who will receive the big blow I don’t know and what effects will that punch have remained to be seen. Now of course I would not write this without giving you a couple of scenarios.


If you can’t beat’em join ‘em
The big man could become the enforcer for the new Corporation. Imagine if you have to break through The Shield and waiting on you is a 7foot destroyer. He is no stranger to working for the power structure and somehow they have been finding a way to reason with him. Not to mention when someone has your contract in hand. A good bonus and some financial security may change this whole thing around.


The Show Finally Snaps
The dream of most of the WWE fans that Big Show strikes down somebody in the Corporation preferably Triple H. He and Hunter have not always had the greatest working relationship to begin with. We do not know when this will happen but the tension is building up week by week. Let’s not leave out the WWE Champion Randy Orton. If Daniel Bryan cannot make it through maybe Show makes his changes right at the top. Will he be fired like he is being threatened with? The answer is no, because the McMahons do not like quick punishments. They will keep him around because they want to torture him for his betrayal. This could ride all the way out to Wrestlemania XXX.


I am not sure on how it is going to end but I am definitely excited to watch it all play out.

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