What’s Going to Happen to the Divas

AJ pipebomb

On the last Monday Night RAW the wrestling world witnessed an epic promo that was delivered by Divas Champion AJ Lee. She took on the entire cast of the Total Divas reality show. Now after such an event the burning question is what’s next?

The Divas division has been one of the more underutilized divisions on the WWE roster. They are loaded with ladies but for whatever reason they don’t see much television time. Between two hours on Smackdown and RAW each, not to mention an hour on Main Event you may only see a total of 7 minutes of Diva action. The idea is that just maybe the buzz from this segment may provide some much needed attention to these wrestlers.

Total Divas has been an outlet to give the ladies some more exposure but it only has helped a few women on the roster. Stars like Alicia Fox, Layla, Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendes and AJ have not benefited from the shows push. Maybe now with this moment happening the can be a commitment to the other ladies picking up some shine. There is also the possibility that this all can just be one moment in time and nothing happens. The WWE Universe will just have to wait and see.

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