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Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling is at a crossroads in their existence. Every week the rumors of their demise seem to grow and grow. I don’t know if the company is near closing. They do pretty well internationally and the Dixie Carter’s family is not short on money. That being said the company appears be experiencing some trouble that is hard to miss.

What fans notice immediately the talent roster is getting a lot smaller. Notable names like Devon Dudley, Matt Morgan and even Brooke Hogan. The moves are part of a cash cutting move that also saw the losses of Jesse Sorensten, Luke Gallows (DOC), Crimson, Joey Ryan and veteran So Cal Val. Now we are wondering what is going to happen next with Impact Wrestling? Fans would hate to see the only other nationally televised promotion in the United States go away.

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Right now the hot button topic on the internet is the contract negotiations of AJ Styles that seem to be coming down to the wire. There is a lot of speculation that he could go back to Ring of Honor or jump to the WWE. This would be a huge blow to the roster and they would be losing one of the company’s original blocks if that happened. If Dixie Carter and TNA management can’t get this one done then that maybe a clear sign that things are worse off than what they seem.

If TNA really wants to free up some major money there is one contract that is expiring in a few months that they should explore. That is the contract of Hulk Hogan. Now to be fair Hogan has given the company some visibility that it may not have had before but how much has he contributed to the bottom line. He has not increased the ratings by a lot if any. His switching out the six sided ring stole some of the company’s identity. The story arcs that started to revolve around him and buddies when he first came into the company took a lot steam out guys like Kurt Angle and AJ Styles.

There is no way right now to tell how this is going to finish out. My hope is that TNA can make through these rough times and with the commitment of Spike TV and their fans that the company can find its way again. It will never be the WWE but they don’t ever have too. The just need to provide good wrestling product and the fans will come.
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