CM Punk vs Paul Heyman – Fantasy Booking

Punk vs Heyman

This fantasy book is something that can’t happen but because its fantasy and its mine I will do what I want. So I am ignoring all contracts and 90 day no compete clauses to achieve my dream. Since CM Punk and Paul Heyman seem to be in for a long engagement I figured I would have some fun with this. There are a bunch of Paul Heyman guys out there that Punk could go through to get to Paul but I would end this feud with someone outside the family.


First Punk needs to conquer the Beast that is Brock Lesnar. Since the Beast does not keep a full time schedule Punk will have to continue his verbal barbs with Heyman and beating up on Axle. One idea I have been toying with is guys like Tommy Dreamer and a few other ECW legends will pose as obstacles for the Second City Saint to get his hands on Paul. Nothing will be resolved until Punk beats Brock which would take place at the new Over The Limit PPV in October. Ideally it would be in a Last Man Standing Match. He beat Brock and get close to finally getting his hands on Paul but just not quite.

bloody brock

With Brock beaten Heyman seems down and out and doomed to get his from Punk. Then Heyman will have special announcement on RAW that he has been forced to do the unthinkable. CM Punk will come out to the ring to open the show and ask what’s Paul big announcement and what more could he do. Paul will hit the Titantron and will tell the world that he has the answer to the equation of the Straight Edged Superstar. Then popping up behind CM Punk in the ring will be Samoa Joe who proceeds to choke out CM Punk as the crowd is going crazy.

Samoa Joe Submission

The rivals will finally get to renew their issue on the biggest stage in the business. This will jump off with Punk coming back with Punk asking why Joe is here and challenging him to a fight. Of course Heyman doesn’t let his clients fight for free. The two men will not have a one on one match initially. They will be a part of competing teams at Survivor Series. The angle could maybe revolve around Joe accusing Punk of trying to keep him out of the WWE because he was scared that the Samoan Submission Machine would out shine.


The first match between the two will take place at the TLC pay per view in which Punk will defeat Joe with the GTS. After that they will still feud and get involved with each on another’s entanglements. They will then both enter the Royal Rumble where Joe will cost Punk a shot at winning the Rumble. After being eliminated earlier he will come back to the ring and pull the rope down causing Punk to get eliminated. They will then have a match on RAW in which Joe will defeat Punk with a muscle buster and some help from Heyman. Both men will work the Elimination Chamber PPV for the WWE Title shot. Neither will win and blame each other for missing a shot at the title. This will lead to their final NO DQ match at Wrestlemania XXX. I haven’t booked a finish for that match but stay tuned for details.


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