As The Heels Turn

Triple H and Orton

The WWE seems to have given the fans what they wanted with a little bit more. After SummerSlam the company has been turned upside down. The heel turn of Randy Orton was expected to happen at some point in time. What was not seen was the turn of one Triple H. The Game appeared to be the moral conscious of the McMahon family but Sunday night he made his father in-law proud.


I am not sure if this is the new Corporation or if Evolution has gone full circle or maybe a little bit of both. Whatever it is I think it is going to be interesting and is happening at the right time. With John Cena going out for a while this is a good feud to take the fans minds off the biggest star in the company being gone. It also excuses him away from the title for now. The addition of The Shield being a front line for the regime appears to be an awesome idea. It will allow other players on the card to interact with the dominant power structure.


This is will work out very well for Daniel Bryan. He now officially is fighting the system and will get not stick it to man. Fighting against the boss historically is a more compelling story in professional wrestling. Triple H kind of being out front give this more legs because they maybe an opportunity for a good match with the boss. Through all of this I am sure Daniel is going to want to play the game. Not sure where all of this is going but I like what I see so far.

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