Tweaking Money In The Bank


The annual WWE Money In The Bank PPV was a very good show. Now as most of you who listen to the Ring Time show know that I feel this should be a strictly Wrestlemania event but the idea of it being its own PPV has grown on me. I even like the idea of the All-Star version and the Young Gun version of the match. There is one little change that I would make to each match that I think would be awesome.


The Money In The Bank contract should be for either title and that stipulation should be true for both matches. This would open up so many creative options. You will never know when the briefcase is going to get cashed in or against whom. Imagine both winners racing down to the ring trying to cash in at the same time. Damien Sandow could cash in his briefcase against John Cena and while he is celebrating Randy Orton cashes in on him. That could happen under the new format. This is just a thought for WWE creative staff to consider.


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