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The selection of this particular bio DVD was not a hard one for the Ring Time staff at all. “For All Mankind: The Life and Career of Mick Foley” was definitely overdue but well worth the wait. The documentary runs about 2 hours and 14 minutes which is a little longer than most WWE bios but you will hardly notice. We get to go on a journey through Mick’s life and get to know him a person.


The WWE did a really job at bringing in different superstar and really map out Mick’s wonderful journey. It added a little spice to stories that a lot of Foley fans may already be familiar with given his numerous autobiographical books out there about his wrestling career. They talk to hardcore legend Terry Funk, Vader and even reach out to Shane Douglas. They spare no expense at covering the time lines of long career that takes all over the world. They even give special attention to his feud with the legendary Sting in WCW. Of course TNA is not mentioned but I think Mick wants to forget that himself.


The 2nd portion of the DVD is the matches. They do a real good job at compiling matches from his time in WCW, ECW and even an AWA show. The DVD is probably rated TV-14 based on the matches alone. All of his most violent WWE stuff is in this one too. Now if you want to spring for the Blu-Ray then you get a special treat of 2 hours of extras. This version features rarely seen promos and archival footage of Mick’s time in wrestling school. All in all this a great pick up for any wrestling fan.

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