What to make of Ryback?


Well here we are with another WWE pay per view in the books and Ryback has taken a loss in the main event. This loss actually was a bad one with him being destroyed by going through the roof of an ambulance. Ryback has not won a pay per view match that he has been involved in. He lost to Mark Henry at Wrestlemania and lost to CM Punk 3 times in the main event at the end of the year. Mr “Feed Me More” even lost in a 6 man tag match at the Elimination Chamber event.
The question is now where do we go with our new monster. From the “Goldberg” chants from the most recent PPV and other WWE live events we know that he has not formed his own identity yet. Unlike Goldberg, Ryback was not built right and got too much too soon. His push to the main event was way too soon and his heel turn came before needed also. I know that there were injuries on the roster but there were other directions the company could have went.
So now we are back at our original problem of what to do with this competitor. All is not lost because he still looks big and menacing. He just needs some style changes. First thing we need to do is get him a manager. Paul Heyman already has a monster on his hands not to mention it would be nice for the company to develop a new manager. My suggestion would be Brad Maddox. He has training as a wrestler so we know he can take a bump and he is already not liked that much by the fans.

Brad Maddox

Ryback then needs to be placed in a feud that is largely caused due to his association with Maddox. He could start with the Miz and then work himself up to a Jericho or a Kane. This mid-card issue that will last a few months. In between time lets book Ryback on shows like Main Event and have him crush a few lower card wrestlers every week. A few matches against members of 3MB and members of Tons of Funk where he just destroys guys. Lets work this guy slowly back to the championship and then do something crazy like let him win this time. Ryback can still be a star but just needs some more work.
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