12 Rounds 2 Reloaded – Movie Review

12 rounds reloaded

Directed by: Roel Reiné
Writer: David Benullo
Stars: Randy Orton, Cindy Busby, Brian Markinson, Sean Rogerson and Jesse Hutch

This week the WWE Studios released its 2nd installment of the 12 Rounds franchise. Titled 12 Rounds Reloaded stars WWE superstar Randy Orton. The Viper portrays Nick Malloy an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) who happens to end up in crazy situation. Much like the first movie his wife is in danger by a mad man who puts him through a game of 12 rounds to try to save his woman.

The movie starts off rolling and has solid action. Nick goes out for what he thinks is a normal day of work and things just start to happen. He encounters strange characters along the way and of course attracts the attention of law enforcement who maybe thinks he is some kind of terrorist. I enjoyed the plot and like how everything that was shown on screen had a purpose in the story. Orton did a solid acting job in his 1st feature role. His antagonist is played by Brian Markinson who plays a good genius madman. The movie was very creative in making the 12 rounds concept its own story.

All in all I enjoyed the movie and recommend anybody who has a chance to see it to check it out. This movie gets a United States Title on the Ring Time movie scale.

US Champion

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Keith B. Holt
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