Recently Dixie Carter got wrestling fans heads spinning when she mention the idea of a talent exchange between the WWE and TNA. When talking to the Digital Spy while promoting the TNA 2014 UK tour. Although she says that TNA is open to the idea she doesn’t believe that the WWE would be into it. Dixie is probably right but here in fantasy we are going to pretend.

Now it would be nice to take both of these rosters and create a Supercard of the wrestling talent from both companies. Now some of these matches have been seen before but not in any kind of major venue. It would be nice to set up the angle with TNA stars showing in the audience at RAW and set the stage for some tension. Here is some of the potential match-ups set-up by us here at Ring Time Pro Wrestling.
                                                        Magnus vs Sheamus


The man from the UK vs The Irishman would be a nice physical match up that we have not seen. I think these to young guys who are both keys to the future of their respective companies would provide an entertaining match-up.

                                                    Sting vs The Undertaker

undertaker vs sting

The rumored match from the last 3 Wrestlemanias can finally happen. Let’s let the dead man and the icon finally get it on. Let’s have this match be No Holds Barred or Hell In A Cell. Bring the bats and all the toys and lets have this party.

                                                Robert Roode vs Randy Orton

randy orton 2bobby roode

Robert Roode has been one of TNA’s best homegrown talents. He has been a standard bearer in the ring as apart of the Impact roster. The same can be said about Randy Orton in the WWE. With both of their do anything to win personality would make this a pretty intense match-up.

                                                 Austin Aries vs Chris Jericho

chris jerichoaustin aries

The Aries vs Jericho could be the show stealer. Their verbal confrontations leading up the match would be interesting and both of these guys are technically sound.
                                                           Kane vs Abyss

kane vs abyss

Why not have a battle of the monsters. Kane vs Abyss would be a battle between 2 skilled big men that have similar gimmicks. This match also should have some kind of special stipulation to accommodate the violence that will ensure.
                                                  Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles

bryan vs styles

Let’s take the Mr. TNA and put him up against a submission machine. Both are good technical wrestlers who are not afraid to go high. This would be another match of the night contender with a lot of action.
                                                   Samoa Joe vs CM Punk

joe vs punk

Let’s take this classic rivalry and put it on the big stage. CM Punk and Samoa Joe have a long history that a lot of fans may not be aware of. These 2 have went at and brought the best out of each other in ROH. Now it’s time to see it under the big lights of the WWE/TNA. Both performers have evolved and would be a sight to see.
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