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Ring Time Pro Wrestling is adding a new section to the site. It will be called the Wrestling Movie section. With WWE Studios pumping out movies starring some of our favorite stars of sports entertainment we thought maybe our fans would be interested in what we thought of these productions.

Wrestling Movies will not be limited to just WWE studio productions but any films starring wrestlers or about professional wrestling. They do not have to be new movies either. We will dig in the vaults and select some oldie but goodies that we find. A lot of the content will either be available on Netflix streaming or Youtube.

Iron Mike Sharpe

The Jobber – This movie pretty much sucks. This selection will not be on anybody’s favorite movie list.

TV title

TV Title – Not the greatest movie in the world but hey if you got 2 hours to kill check it out. Don’t go to the theaters to see this. You may even want to wait to stream this on Netflix or wait for to come on FX or USA.

US Champion

United States Heavyweight Champion – Solid movie that we think you will enjoy. You don’t have to rush out and see it in theaters but treat yourself to a good night at the Redbox.

world champ belt

World Heavyweight Champion – To be the movie you gotta… Well I guess that doesn’t really apply here. What we are trying to say is that this is a good movie. Check it out whenever you can. Spend a few bucks on a matinee or if you see it in the Redbox spend a buck.

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Keith B Holt
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