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Interrogation – Movie Review

Interrogation Movie

Director: Stephen Reynolds
Writers: Michael Finch, Adam Rodin
Stars: Adam Copeland (Edge), CJ Perry (Lana), Patrick Sabongui, Erica Carroll, Julia Benson, Michael Rogers

The Ring Time Crew is back to reviewing wrestling movies. Today we take a look at WWE Studios most recent action flick Interrogation, which stars the Rated-R superstar Edge (Adam Copeland) and Lana (CJ Perry) who uses an impressive American accent in this movie. This is Edge’s 2nd time in a starring role in a WWE Studios production.

In Interrogation Edge plays Lucas Nolan, a genius interrogator for the FBI. Using a photographic memory Nolan is able to breakdown just about any suspect. The movie starts off with him using his analytical gifts to help the police in a standoff where they are out gunned. Nolan is called in to help with the questioning of a suspect who just bombed a Minneapolis Federal Building. Lucas works with Agent Sara Ward (Julia Benson), who is in charge of the investigation and does not fully believe in his dynamic abilities. They are joined by agent Mark Law (Michael Rogers) who is a big champion of Lucas’s abilities and Becky who is played by Lana. Becky is the team’s IT expert and helps the team break down any computer issue.

Edge and Lana Interrogation

Our villain Vasti (Patrick Sabongui) is a super intelligent bomb maker who appears to be every bit of Nolan’s intellectual match. As he drives the FBI agents crazy in their trying to find the location of the next bomb so they can try to prevent the next big explosion. Vasti and Nolan go back and forth and expose a lot about each other in the psychological tit for tat.

The movie has a lot of twist and turns. Some of them make sense while others will lead you scratching your head. Even though Edge is in this movie you probably shouldn’t expect a lot of funny one-liners as he keeps it pretty straight laced throughout the film. Lana turns in a good performance and is a convincing computer expert. The movie is only 86 minutes so it’s not a monster time investment. This race against time thriller is not a bad choice to help kill an afternoon.

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Written By
Keith B. Holt
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