Hogan Will Be Back in WWE

Hogan Champ

It has been a few days since the WWE has parted ways with Hulk Hogan and now that the emotions have settled a little bit let’s put somethings in perspective. What he did was horrible and indefensible and everybody who is trying keep doing your mental gymnastics because you are going to need to keep bending your brain backwards trying to make sense of it. That all being said you can stop crying too, Hogan has not been erased from the WWE and nor can he be.

Hogan Cenored

As of right now Hogan’s bio has been dropped from the website and he doesn’t have a Hall of Fame profile. News stories that mention him have been pulled but you still have all the Hulkster you want on the WWE Network. His anthology of his career is still available and you can watch all the Saturdays Night Main Event you want to hear “Real American”. So what was really lost? Nothing really he has to do what every other person who said something stupid does and go away for a while.

Look at the track record of others who have had similar issues. Didn’t Don Imus get his show back, The Duck Dynasty people are still on the air and I just saw Dog The Bounty Hunter on my television. The point is that this is fresh and is going to take some time to heal. He will return to WWE programming and we will not really remember why he was gone. There will be some rumblings of what happened but for the most part he will drop an apology and the world will move on. For right now everybody needs to just let the moment pass as they all do.

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Keith B. Holt
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