YouTube Chronicles 21 – Hell In A Cell Part 2

Hell In A Cell Taker

The WWE is entering its annual Hell In A Cell PPV event. This year will feature 2 matches that will enter the structure that takes a few years off a man’s career. Over the years a few superstars have dared tempt fact inside one of wrestling’s most dangerous matches. Ring Time Pro Wrestling is sharing volume 2 of our favorite matches inside the cell.

Edge vs The Undertaker
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. That is exactly what Vickie Guerrero was when she sent her hubby Edge into a match against the newly reinstated Undertaker. After being caught cheating with wedding planner Alicia Fox, Edge had to face his long time nemesis in his opponents favorite playground.

WWE No Way Out 2000 Triple H Vs Cactus Jack
With his career on the line Cactus Jack walked into No Way Out against Triple H. If Jack won he would be the new WWF Champion. This was going to be the end of what was already a brutal rivalry in the company. HHH was running rough shot over the rest of roster due to his new found power by being married to Stephanie McMahon. The McMahon-Helmsley regime used their power evil every chance they got. Check out 2 of wrestling’s most vicious gladiators duel it out inside cage.

WWF KING OF THE RING 1998 Mankind vs Undertaker
The match that very well may have put Hell In A Cell on the map took place in 1998. The Undertaker took on Mankind in what maybe one of the most horrifying matches in the history of wrestling. If you never saw how we got to the big dive off the top of the cage check this one out.

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